Chef’s Biography

Vy Lieou

Execucitve Chef



Menu Item: Vietnamese Carpaccio


Vy Lieou began her culinary career as a creative and epicurious girl creating recipes from her wild imagination.   Besides her heart, nobody would have thought that a young girl who once enjoyed black berries picked from her neighbor’s yard with fish sauce and chili would have grown into a fine chef– still blossoming and full of potential.

Vy’s extensive training began with the California Culinary Academy where she graduated in 2002.  While in school she built her repertoire of Vietnamese and Japanese recipes working at traditional Asian restaurants.  After graduating she refined her technical skills while calling on her creativity at Postrio where for three years she worked closely along side Mitchell Rosenthal, Co-Executive Chef with Wolfgang Puck.  With love for her country and curiosity in Asian cuisines and cultures Vy educated herself further by traveling to Vietnam and consulting with her mother, Loan Dinh, to learn many traditional & country recipes.

Vy returned to Oakland with a profound and refreshing outlook of Vietnamese cuisine and set out to modernize the traditional offerings of her motherland with her mother’s assistance.  In Xyclo, classic recipes are transformed stunningly with the freshest ingredients combining classical with modern techniques resulting in flavorful and aromatic dishes.

Despite the complex pairing of herbs and spices, Vy’s culinary concept is simple in form and execution.  “I want to give our customers the traditional palette with modern freshness and aromas that is of the present.”